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Icons on Vinyl



The Council proposes a reinforcement of the role of sacramentals figures symbolically in the liturgy. "The sacred images present in our churches and in our homes, have the function of revealing and nourish our faith in the mystery of Christ. Through the image of Christ and his works of salvation is He whom we adore ... "(Catechism of the Catholic church 1192).

 The painter of icons (sacred images) does not imitate, does not represent, but essentially runs the veil, knock down the wall of separation, does communicate "this and the other world". The image means the presence of God. It may be said visible theology helps prayer and contemplation.

The iconography is born with Christ, the image of the invisible Father, and focuses on the Incarnation of Christ. Christ restores in man the image of God that sin had obfuscated, so that man transformed into His image becomes the most poignant image of God.

The sacred art of icons was not invented by the artists, is an institution that comes from the Holy Fathers and the tradition of the Church (the Council of Nicaea). Expresses the vision of the Church, how the Church contemplates the mystery of God and His Incarnation.

Figures have an apparent rigidity but emphasizes the inner power, the perspective is the opposite, it is the image that cares. The icons there is never a light source because the light, God is its subject. "The icons describe the baffling mutual love, love madly of God for man and in response the passion of man for his God (You whom my soul loves.) It is the pre-eternal God desire to become man so that God is made man. icons and give us contemplate the mystery of God. "

(P. Evdokimov).